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Low sodium fried shallots

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Fried shallots add amazing flavor and texture to almost any dish and have very little sodium.

Servings: Makes 2 cups

Sodium: 2 mg sodium per tablespoon

Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients: 6-7 shallots, thinly sliced

1 1/2 cups canola, vegetable, or peanut oil

Place a paper towel on a large plate and set aside. Heat oil over medium heat in a 10 inch skillet. When the oil is hot, add the shallots. Break the rings apart as you put them in the oil. Cook until light brown, stirring occasionally. This takes me about 10 minutes. They go from light brown to burned really fast so keep an eye on them as they're frying. Use a slotted spoon to remove the shallots on the paper towel lined plate, and let cool. They'll continue to get a bit darker as they cool.


-Two cups of shallots never lasts more than 2 days in our house, but for at least those two days they'll stay crispy. If you want to make more/less, just use as much oil as you need to fully cover the shallots in whatever pot or pan you use. Make sure you do not overcrowd the shallots or else they won't fry up nice and evenly. If you think you might have too many shallots for your pan/oil, err on the side of cooking in two batches rather than trying to cram them all in one batch.

-Save the oil! Let it cool, save it in a glass jar, refrigerate and use it anytime you want a shallot infused oil.

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