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Low sodium pickled sushi ginger

I made the pickled sushi ginger (gari) from Just One Cookbook and it was so simple and delicious. The hardest part is finding young/baby ginger with the pink tips. I found some at Ranch 99 that barely had any pink tips but the ginger still turned a nice pink hue when pickled. Here's the recipe: Just One Cookbook Pickled Sushi Ginger.

The original recipe has just four ingredients: young ginger, salt, sugar, and rice vinegar. To make it low sodium (just 3.7 mg per one-ounce serving), I omitted the salt. I also reduced the sugar from 4 tablespoons to 3, just as a matter of taste. My peeler isn't sharp enough so I used a knife to slice the ginger. When boiling, the instructions say 1-3 minutes depending on how spicy you want the ginger. I boiled for the full 3 minutes and found the ginger still had a nice bite to it.

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